Charlie Hunt

Illustration BA(Hons)

For my final year project, I wanted to explore the layers of my personality, through my influential experience with popular/iconic characters from my favourite films/TV-shows. I realised that when we watch a film/TV-show we empathize with the fictional characters as we would with a “real” person, and this can influence our behaviour and therefore our personalities. So, my project focused on how certain characters are symbols of who I am, as well as inviting others to contemplate their own experience with similar characters.
I decided to express this relationship through wearing my own customised range of denim jackets featuring my character and film/TV-show artwork. The jackets are intended to be worn by consumers so they too can similarly express themselves and identify with others that share this interest. I created the illustrations of myself wearing the jackets and embodying the characters to demonstrate my personal connection, allowing the audience to visualise their own connection, thus they are intended to be a marketing tool for the jackets.
Making the jackets included a combination of drawing, painting, dye-sublimation, UV-printing, hand-embroidery and digital-embroidery. And, in both my jacket and illustrations, I used bright, bold primary colours to be visually engaging and attract consumers.