Georgia Hough

Illustration BA(Hons)

For my final year project, I made a children’s picture book focusing on plastic pollution within the ocean and the harm it is causing to marine life. In this picture book the reader follows the journey of a turtle, Penny, through the ocean, watching her get into difficult situations and receive help from friends. This picture book has no words, making it suitable for all ages. In addition, the lack of words means the focus of the story is to be told through the imagery and calls on the reader to use their imaginations and storytelling skills throughout.

The main outcome I am wanting to achieve with my illustrated picture book is for the target audience to become aware of pollution they can cause. The idea of everyday items and objects that get thrown out after being used once or worn down, is getting the reader to think about where these items may end up.

My work in created using drawing ink and photoshop.