Kirsten Tyson

Illustration BA(Hons)

My name is Kirsten Tyson, I am a 21-Year-old aspiring illustrator from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I specialize in character design, fantasy art, and comic art. My Final Major Project involved creating my own fantasy comic: "New Gods", where I was able to bring to life my own original characters in my own comic. The comic tells the tale of Freya, a knight, who finds herself in trouble with an unearthly power. As well as Freya the comic also introduces other characters most prominently being an elven goddess, herbalist, queen, and commander.

I have a serious passion for character design and comics. I find it fun and exciting to create something from a concept or an idea and transform it into something tangible. My dream career is to be a character designer for game/comics.

I’m greatly inspired by fantasy works and series, although I’m not afraid to dabble in other genres such as Horror and Sci-Fi. The Witcher series, books, and games, influence my world-building. Studio Ghibli, the works of Hayao Miyazaki, also influence me greatly creatively and philosophically.

My online Alias is Critical Freya
You can find more of my work through Instagram: