Laurie Goodare

Illustration BA(Hons)

Though born in Leeds, I grew up in Dumfries and Galloway, South-West of Scotland. It was a privilege to grow up with so much space to be free from outside pressures and influences and it gave me a lot of room to learn to love spending time with my thoughts.

I spend my time thinking, thinking some more, and creating art as an outlet for the things I've spent too much time thinking about. 

I work in a variety of mediums, often adopting a painterly approach, though my style tends to be relatively varied. I love working with colour and light. I live for the moment that the illustration suddenly makes sense as the light and colour align.

Recently I have worked within procreate, utilising the animation features to create short animations and gifs (some gifs available to see on Instagram @lauriegoodare).

I feel that an artist holds the responsibility to display the good; and I find a fulfilment in using my skills as an illustrator to provide a little joy and positivity, playing my part in the telling of uplifting messages and stories.