Martin Rose

Illustration BA(Hons)

I have created this set of images based on a campaign proposal for the National Autistic Society.

Aimed at an audience of 11-18-year-olds, starting with year 7 pupils that are making the transition between primary and secondary school. The campaign seeks to show them how some of their autistic peers may struggle in certain situations - taking into account various triggers and potential responses juxtaposed against a crowd who have the ability to blend, shift and adapt to varying situations throughout any given day. 

I gave further consideration to both urban and rural audiences - with a separate set of images for a bus and tube route.

I have four children on the autistic spectrum myself. This work and its conceptualisation was borne of love, knowledge and experience. 

I produced each image using linocut, which I hand-painted using bright, bold watercolours (making reference to a chameleon's ability to change and adapt, as the crowd do).

I invite you to imagine travelling via bus or tube  - to see these images and what responses they may invoke. Please also scan the QR code if you have the ability to do so