Sarena Myers

Illustration BA(Hons)

As an American, semi-realistic, traditional illustrator, working mostly with alcohol markers. First and foremost I am a character designer, however I also consider myself a graphic novelist and concept artist. I come from a family of creatives, being a daughter of two painters, and grew up in northeast Ohio. I also am a goth, and love to express myself through alternative fashion, which also makes it into my character designs! I am also panromantic and demisexual. Many of my friends and my older sibling are also LGBT+, so I find it extremely important to have this represented in my work. Speaking of themes, my work is also dark, and even scary to some people, but still has attractive, lovable, and relatable characters. I make semi-realistic work because I take inspiration from real life, but I like to romanticize the world around me. I find beauty in darkness and I feel negative experiences and emotions are just as important as positive ones. I want people to find hope in my work.