Zain Shah

Illustration BA(Hons)

The context of my Final Major Project was to evangelize healthier food options available from popular Just Eat restaurants within the UK - Greggs, McDonalds, and KFC - to the young adult gaming community (who mostly play shooter/fighting/adventure video games) that have experienced a decline in mental and physical health due to COVID-19 and self-isolation. Utilizing concept art, I have finalized 3 character designs for Greggs, McDonalds, and KFC that feature their very recognizable design USP's, as well as focusing on the healthier food options available to consumers, such as Greggs' Vegan Sausage Roll... Design-ready should just eat venture into the video game industry. My FMP consist of 3 finalized character design sheets, as well as 3 illustrations that can be used as promotional pieces for advertising a new game featuring these characters, focusing on composition and mood to create an exciting visual setting. A lack of social interaction due to self-isolation resulted in an increase in ‘binge-eating’ and ‘binge-gaming’ for me, and by creating these characters that include subtle designs of healthier food options, it could help towards gamers recognizing that a healthy body and mind is just as important as gaming with friends and family.