Matthew McCarthy

Illustration BA(Hons)

My final major project consisted of a worldbuilding exercise that challenged me to develop concepts for a new playable character and an environment for Apocalypse Studios’ upcoming game in development: Deadhaus Sonata Through research and idea exploration, I looked to inject narrative into my concept designs whilst focusing on the impact of presentation on the viewer’s experience of story. This project led to creative exploration of techniques that allowed me to experiment with generating useful by-products for team members through my creative practice. Making use of Photoshop and Blender, I combined elements of 3D workflows from my background in Games Design to develop a hybrid 2D/3D creative practice that allows for rapid idea exploration and iteration. I place value on the ability to work quickly to keep the concept in motion, and I am constantly developing my practice and tinkering with new tools to search for new techniques that focus on the execution of a concept, it’s message, and it’s story.