Helen Roberts

International Fashion Buying Management BA(Hons)

I have wanted to be a Buyer ever since I was in secondary school, when someone told me that it was possible to make money buying stuff for other people. When I applied for my degree I thought of spending my time walking around shops and always knowing the latest fashions but now I am at the end of my degree I understand that there is more to it than that but my fundamental passion for the career path is still the same. Over the course, I have understood that I have an enthusiasm for trend forecasting and online and digital advancements to the industry. My final year project looked at creating a new digital solution to personal shopping utilising new technologies to improve customer experience and my dissertation analysed Generation Z to understand how, as they emerge into adulthood, the industry should prepare and approach selling to them. Both these projects show my forward-thinking practical nature and my want to find solutions to problems before they become so. As a new generation emerges into the industry I want to join with others like myself to take the industry to a new level of diversity and freedom.