Devonte Brown

International Fashion Buying Management BA(Hons)

Being passionate about clothing and fashion has been an obsession for as long as I can remember. Although it was not until I was given the opportunity to apply for the Enterprise Placement Year, I found the direction I wanted to take my career. The three main skills I learnt from Placement which I have continued to excel in, are: applying for funding in which I was successful in obtaining the capital for my fashion brand Dechell Vontee, how to pitch for investment and how to professionally brand a business. My experience while being on Enterprise Year inspired my dissertation How Fashion Brands Become Established. This focused primarily on the entrepreneurs behind fashions brands. Continuing in the same direction for my Final Major Project I created a fashion consultancy platform called FC Studios that focuses on entrepreneurship and the business side of the fashion industry teaching new fashion start-ups how to run a fashion business. My goal is to continue down the path of an entrepreneur building and developing my fashion brand Dechell Vontee to bring something new to the market.