Rebecca Mitchell

International Fashion Buying Management BA(Hons)

Driven, friendly and hardworking is how I would describe myself, and that is reflected throughout the university projects I have produced. I am confident that I now have the skills to match my passion, and I am well prepared to leave the University of Huddersfield and enter the world of fashion buying. My placement year at The Walt Disney Company in the footwear and accessories team gave me the confidence and skills to thrive in a fast paced corporate environment; and I now know myself as someone who is decisive, can take initiative, and be on time and well prepared to face any challenge. I am incredibly analytical and always switched on to the latest trends, as well as environmental and political news, which is why fashion buying is the natural path for me and why I would thrive on a buying team. Understanding different subcultures and demographics fascinates me, which is why I did my dissertation on the gentrification of different subcultures and why I have chosen a wide variety of brands to explore in my university work, from homeware to streetwear brands. Iā€™m confident and ready to dive headfirst into a fast-paced role in the fashion industry.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are no way linked to the existing companies.