David Bloor

Photography BA(Hons)

The mind is a wonderful place

"The mind is a wonderful place" was created to invite people to come along with me on a journey through my book, using the images for them to create their own thoughts and feelings, yet also connecting with the viewer by placing the images in my personal journal, which also allows the viewer to explore the pages and attempt to create links and fill in the blanks that are hidden away by the images. Photography to me has always been my escape from my own mind, to clear my head by capturing the world in the way that I see it and this piece of work is to explore the ideas of how places around us can make us feel and showing a journey through the mind using both the handwritten journal and the images which are placed in a sequenced order similar to following a certain path throughout the day moving towards the end of a long journey. The things that are written in my journal are thoughts of my own that I have had either throughout the day or during the many walks I took both with and without my camera.