Rachel Wood

Photography BA(Hons)

Commercial Fashion Portfolio

For my final major project, I chose to focus on creating a commercial fashion portfolio, looking closely at women’s fashion and high-end products such as handbags and shoes. I have always been interested in fashion trends and fashion photography, so this project gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment with creating a portfolio and adapting my skills to prepare me for life after university. During this project I realised that most brands start to incorporate flowers and bright colours into their campaigns once it becomes spring, because of this I decided to experiment with flowers and their symbolism. I researched into both the Victorian Language of Flowers and Pre-Raphaelite paintings and chose to mix a wide variety of coloured flowers that would bloom during different seasons all at once. My project shows my creativity and aptitude at shooting both on location and in a studio setting. During this entire project I did the makeup, hair and styled the flowers myself which are all extra skills that I have learnt throughout. I have displayed my photographs in a commercial portfolio as the purpose of the photographs would be to promote the products in a high-end fashion magazine.