Samantha Oxby

Photography BA(Hons)

Recovery 2021

For my work, I decided to explore the health issues I have been dealing with and the recovery process that follows through photography. 
In November 2020, I ended up in hospital for two weeks. I went in with tingling in my hands and feet and numbness in my legs and could not stand up without someone holding me up. After 3 MRI scans, a nerve test and a lumbar puncture, they discovered it was a severe b12 deficiency in my spine.  I am now having regular physio, and b12 injections and I am roughly 7 months from this episode and no longer have any tingling in my hands, only my feet, and only slight numbness in my knees, and can stand and walk freely without any assistance, even being able to ride horses again.
Through this project, I was thinking about where my balance was when using assistance such as walking sticks and photographing physio objects like my therapy putty, which helped me build strength and mobility back up. I also focused on how I feel disconnected and don’t trust my legs because of the numbness.