Saskia New

Photography BA(Hons)

Colour Balance

Through following an unconventional, artisanal approach on the theme of food photography, Sculptural Forms is a body of work which explores creating balanced, colourful sculptures using everyday food items and photographs them in a fine-art style, exploring different photographic and visual techniques. The project is an exploration of various artistic styles, with influences from the likes of Lorenzo Vitturi, Irving Penn, and Dutch Still Life paintings. Through experimenting with the ideas of shape, form and texture, the work challenges the traditional norms of food photography through a combination of commercial and fine-art based styles, whilst also exploring the practice of food styling. Themes of colour grouping run throughout the work, focusing on how different colours perform under studio lighting. Through using food as an art-form, the sculptures change the way the food is viewed within the imagery, using it as an untraditional yet creative artistic medium.



Portfolio of project work.

(PDF – 5.14 MB)