Amy Skidmore

Photography BA(Hons)

There is often a need to alter or renovate the old into new and especially today that idea is greater than ever before. Every town and city goes about reinventing and changing its appearance, making it more inviting for both industry and keeping up with the trends of today. The industrial revolution proved to be a period of producing more advanced and new industry within the UK. Therefore, to accommodate the growing industry, came more buildings for the workforce to complete the ever-changing work in. But this period in time is now being forgotten about and instead is being hidden within the contemporary architecture all over the country as it shifts its focus into the modern day.

Liminal space explores the in-between of spaces and places, therefore, my work focuses on places within the side of industry that people don’t see in their day-to-day goings on. With the reindustrialisation of places and areas growing as neglection of industrial and urban areas takes hold of the country it’s definitely something that is becoming more common. The imagery available aims to clearly distinguish the difference between the old and the new.