Ayesha Khan

Photography BA(Hons)

My work explores the beauty behind modest fashion. The project is to make male modest fashion more recognisable it is also to create a different curiosity of religion belief and emotion the visual elements are to carefully indulge a lasting impression not only on people but to the fashion industry.

No matter what religion you believe in big names such as Dolce and Gabbana, H & M and Gucci have entered the modest fashion segment making clothes that cover up most parts of the body while allowing women and men to experiment with the latest trends. The term modest can have many different interpretations across religions, for example many Christians, Jewish and Muslim women practise the veiling on their head with Christian women wearing a head covering, Jewish women wearing a Tichel and Muslim women wearing the hijab. It’s about being equal and bringing everyone together. I believe that Modest fashion allows for self expression without sacrificing one’s religion beliefs. It is about spreading it around the fashion industry, as living in the 21st century the fashion industry is now more open to new ideas and more people are getting themselves involved.