Darian Jones

Photography BA(Hons)


These photographs are oblique presentations which suggest signs of anxiety, focusing on capturing the impulse triggers that individuals make when talking about their traumatic experiences. Deceptions of gestures shown in order to trigger a subsequent interpretation by a viewer who may share similar feelings. Close up de-contextualised framings and black and white rendering alters the perspective and point of view translating these ‘social codes’ into
effective emotional images of pain and fear.
Exhibiting the work as a triptych is intended to narrate a sequential notion of
releasing the pain gradually. The accompanying book of portraits presented alongside landscapes intends to break up this chaos with a sense of calm, almost as a breakaway from traumatic events. This work aims to promote mental well-being through recognition. An acknowledgement of the subtle clues of anguish in order that we may reflect and sympathise with the anxiety of others.