Emma Wilcock

Photography BA(Hons)

Mechanism The word ‘mechanism’ is, generally, aligned to a piece of machinery, such as a bicycle, in which the frame forms the basis, with the wheels, handlebars, pedals, cassette, chain and other components fused together to create the functioning machine. The term can also be interpreted and applied in relation to professional road cycling, as there are a myriad of aspects that integrate and contribute to the established process of any such race. Through the collation of imagery from a magnitude of races over four years, Mechanism chronologically depicts the holistic narrative of professional cycling, including commonly seen race imagery, in addition to the lesser represented aspects of pre- and post- race, while simultaneously portraying the abilities and capabilities presented by riders and team staff. The photographs were created with dedication and love, for the sport that has instilled in me a passion and sense of purpose and for the professional peloton who are a constant reminder to never give up.