Farzana Begum

Photography BA(Hons)

Growing up with the Mountains

'Growing Up with the Mountains' looks into the uncertainties that followed a past major surgery. The works examine a series of strong, distorted pictures that depict how I felt after the surgery. Photographing my surroundings and nature are of imagined settings that rescue me when I feel vulnerable. I aim to convey emotions I experience when I see the environment, whether it is mundane or just enjoying the everyday.
This project is a documentation of the encounters and the current state I am in; it is also about me coming to terms with the experience of the surgery. The images show the sadness and the happiness I face and how it has physically, mentally, and socially affected my life.
I use images and manipulate them through vibrant and dark colours that reflect my environment; my use of colour and shape hopes to raise a question of the everyday and how we experience it.