Kelse Evans

Photography BA(Hons)

Plan2 is a project based around the subject of sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion always seems to have this stereotypical, visual concept, which usually surrounds the ideas of using ethically sourced materials. I wanted to add another viewpoint to the definition of sustainable fashion, because there are other ways to be sustainable within the fashion sector, which I feel is overlooked within photography.

For my work I have decided to base it around second-hand vintage clothing, as this way of shopping still allows people to follow the trends and is kind to the planet. The style of clothing and the type of subjects I want to photograph are of the everyday, but I want to showcase the clothing in a fast fashion nature, I want it draws more attention to second-hand fashion and shows that you can still find nice clothing in this sector of fashion. Presenting these images within a magazine format will help enhance the aesthetic if the images as well as allowing the images to link with each other in a sequence.