Olivia Senior

Photography BA(Hons)

Working collaboratively with other women focusing on the beauty and fashion industry widely showcased through media, my work is informed by advertising in magazines and how women are seen in imagery, looking in-depth into female and male gaze and how it is embodied. I have looked at the differences in stylised and minimalist portraiture to compare the relevance and value of each with reference to the beauty industry. The portfolio evidences a wide range of creative collaborations with not only female models but other female creatives on personal and professional projects. This image titled ‘Empower’ is in collaboration with creatives ZhMoo Designs, Makeup Artist Eve Wood, Stylist Catelyn Louwrens and Model Lara Newell, to promote the Leeds RAG Fashion Show charity event. This charity event intends to inspire, educate, and empower social change through the world of fashion.