Thaiba Mahmood

Photography BA(Hons)

The Hijab Diaries sets out to break the negative misconceptions and myths about Muslim women who wear the Hijab. The artist captures Muslim women against dramatic landscapes with bold stance to reframe the image of Hijab. These series of images show Muslim women in a true, strong, and authentic light - to emphasise that wearing a Hijab is never a symbol of oppression, but rather empowering, honourable, and freeing.

Hijab has evolved into much more than the modesty symbol that it was intended to be. “People frequently label a veiled woman as ‘oppressed’ and dismiss her as bereft of power and authenticity. The way Muslim women have been depicted in the media is as oppressive to a Hijabi”, the artist said. “I believe that the admiration and gratitude for Hijab and the power it holds is inherited in us all but tends to get subdued by the ever- growing politics and cultural ideologies. Through my photographs I portray the truth, and personal experience of a veiled Muslim woman. Creating peaceful, yet powerful, strong, and liberating images that break the negative narratives of the Hijab.”