Hannah Russell

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

Driven by an interest in how fibre characteristics can be manipulated using factors such as twist, structure and finishing, “The Shape of Water” focuses on woven textiles that contract upon contact with water, applying high twist yarn and a combination of techniques to create crepe, puckered and pleated fabric. The yarns are from natural fibres and have been chosen with sustainability in mind alongside their technical ability. The finished aesthetic is timeless and simple, allowing the texture of the fabric to be the central focus. The drawing was inspired by earthy textures from rocks, stones, and shells, combined with bodies of water and water movement to bring the finishing process and the starting point together. The result is a collection envisioned for high-end women’s blousing that embodies the tranquillity and beauty in water movement, through organic surface textures and soft minimalist tones.