Kerry Kosak

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

Life is full of memories, but over time they are often forgotten, distorted, or become left in the past. It is important that people and events are remembered by future generations. As a Contemporary Practitioner, Kerry’s love of textiles together with her enthusiasm for research are brought together to create bespoke family heirlooms. Designed for personal and gallery exhibition, Kerry uses text and portraiture to bring precious memories alive. Through her care and attention to detail, the previously unwritten story of the past and present is created to be held for both now and in the future. 'Threads of Life' project was inspired by war-time photographs, a souvenir handkerchief, and the artist’s own memories of a beloved grandfather. A visual story of the life of Joseph Vickers Hamilton is created using layers of stitch and text, to create a family Heirloom, that will be inherited by his three great-granddaughters - so they may remember the man they never got to know.