Amy Simpson

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

Inspired by subtle and fluid marks in various waste such as produce peels/skins and scrunched papers, the Shibui (she-boo-e) collection takes hand-made and hand-dyed paper yarns and inlays between fine and delicate wires. A focus on deep inky tones with contrast to washed-out hues is demonstrated to draw attention. This collection takes influence from aspects seen in Japanese interior design whilst the Japanese word ‘Shibui’ describes an aesthetic of simplicity, subtlety and unobtrusive beauty. Beautiful photography showcases gentle shadows that slowly fall from a variety of knit structures to support an end outcome as space dividers for the minimalistic home. A focus on process is obtained by paper being made and dyed by hand and carefully woven between knitted rows of wire. As a response to working from home, a unique approach is taken by knitting on looms which has inspired a handmade wooden knitting loom to be created in a timeless Jacobean dark oak.