Georgina Wray

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

‘Touch Diversion’ provides an innovative collection of highly tactile materials that offer a diverse range of surface texture and form, through the use of colour and materials. Through an understanding of material properties, the project manipulates and repeats embroidery techniques to exhibit mesmerising surfaces that are irresistible to touch.

Inspired by spontaneity within design, Wray offers a contemporary range of textured forms that bring attentiveness and curiosity to a public space. It is designed to bring playfulness to interiors using vivid colour to juxtapose the existing space of modernist architecture to amplify the hand-crafted interventions. Aesthetics are inspired by soft forms and material properties that allow movement to be crafted and curated.

As a designer, Wray responded to the issues raised through the global pandemic where touch was perceived as fearful, and paranoia enhanced to protect our own safety. It is important to recognise the benefits to touch within our spaces for our own wellbeing and how this can be enhanced to create