Virag Erdelyi

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

“Dear throw-away culture, ...” is a craftivism project with the mission to raise awareness and start conversations about throw-away culture and how it
impacts our lives and our planet.

The final collection consists of textural & tactile hand-embroidered hoop art pieces showcasing Virag's craftsmanship skills. Each hoop features a meaningful hand-written letter addressed to “throw-away culture” which was sent by a passionate individual through social media. In addition to the final hoop art collection, the project includes wearable hand-embroidered patches / badges which could be worn by anyone who wishes to participate in the project and conversation. As sustainability is at the heart of the project, only upcycled, eco-friendly and scrap materials have been used to create each and every piece of the collection.

The collection would be exhibited at crafts markets & festivals across the UK where visitors would also have the chance to interact with Virag face-to-face and get involved in the project.