Megan Metcalfe

Textiles BA/BSc(Hons)

A Response to Salts Mill – A collection of work that responds to Salts Mill, through knitted textiles and paintings. The body of work represents the inspiration Megan felt when at Salts Mill, Bradford. With the focus on creating a final collection that represents Megan’s creative process from knit sampling, drawing, to jacquard knit fabrics. The purpose of the collection is to create an exhibition that responds to the location. The project was about how a space like Salts Mill inspires Megan as a textile artist, letting her use knitting as a direct response to the space rather than the drawing which is traditionally the way of working. By doing so, Megan created paintings that are not carbon copies of the Mill. This way of working allowed various outcomes to be created, from the initial knit samples at the beginning, to the jacquard knit fabrics. The final collection is a collage of textiles and artwork that represents the journey of creating work that responds to a space.