Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Our graduates on the Fashion Brand Marketing course have overcome challenges, utilised their skills and become fashion professionals throughout their university experience.  Working within a combination of the creative and commercial aspects of the fashion industry, students have produced innovative solutions and outputs to a variety of creative briefs around marketing, branding, fashion PR, advertising and event planning demonstrating their knowledge and understanding.

The showcase demonstrates our students creative and commercial solutions to areas of the ever-changing fashion industry, from creating, designing and launching new digital platforms and their content, catering towards the next generation of fashion connoisseurs, to collaborations between brands and celebrities with a focus on digital technologies.  Projects consist of a number of components including research and written communication plans, utilising creative skills such as styling, graphics and visualisation creating a relevant and comprehensive investigation and realisation. 

As part of the Fashion Image, Communication and Buying suite, students have worked alongside variety of industry professionals, connecting and collaborating to extend their skill set and network.  We hope you enjoy the showcase and students can be contacted through the links provided.