Charlotte Skinner

Textile Practice BA/BSc(Hons)

The garments we wear daily allow us to parade our individuality, so why are we wearing clothes designed by complete strangers who know nothing of our personalities? These intermediate kits will provide you with the skills, technical knowledge, and tools to transform your un-wanted garments with your own designs, colour schemes and patterns. Rather than spending your time scouring the high-street for clothing that suits your personality, you can now upcycle the clothes you already own and aid in saving the planet by preventing un-necessary textile waste. With years of experience of creating bespoke hand-crafted products for this small business ‘Skinner’s Stitches’. Techniques taught in these kits include crocheting and swiss darning and are explained using a series of written instructions, charts, video tutorials, and diagrams. Each technique can be adapted and explored to create a variety of patterns, and designs. Vital steps in the design process are explained such as colour theory, colour studies, and visualisations that provide customers with skills that will aid in future design related projects. In summary, these kits enable consumers to be more sustainable by breathing new life into their garments using high-quality craftsmanship skills.