Faith Selley

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Fashion Textile Practices MA

Throughout my MA I have aimed to solidify my business, Faith Selley Design and Interior. I am a local Huddersfield creator who specialises in resin and textile practice. My primary ideology is using positive approaches to create functional art with ethically sourced materials that are sustainable, versatile and have the lowest risk to the environment through making as well as disposal. I use the inspiration from the earth itself, taking the texture, tone and especially natural formations such as geodes, agates and minerals as an influence. Contrast that with modern practice, I have developed wearable, displayable and practical pieces. I have investigated a variety of different methodologies, colour theory, creative outlets and personal research methods to define my brand and myself as a practitioner. I have aimed to develop my business into something I can be proud that keeps complete customer transparency. ProdART: The ideology that product and art can become one, that the art I create can have functional purpose in everyday life.