Fatma Durak

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Advanced Architectural Design MA

HUD LEGACY: THE GAMIFICATION OF HUDDERSFIELD TOWN CENTRE >> The latest technology and products are in every aspect of our lives and will continue to be in the future. Inevitably, the architecture will also be affected by these technologies. The use of advanced technologies offers us while envisioning and designing the future can pave the way for better and more effective designs. This project aims to make the design pre-livable and experienceable with game design and to discover the future Huddersfield by producing a playable version of the town centre. It aims to maximise city and user interaction with gamification technology. Video games have also started to be used by architects as a design tool in the contemporary world. Game technology is preferred, which is a responsive tool to involve users in the process from the very beginning of the design. Observing by spending time in the space, it is also efficient in seeing and solving problems.