Izabela Rogala

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Graphic Design MA

Health Up is a mobile phone application prototype aimed at supporting people suffering from hormonal imbalance, and those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle under the supervision of qualified professionals. Health Up development was justified by broad secondary and primary research. According to Diabetes.org the number of people suffering from diabetes in the UK is constantly growing and is expected to be over 4 million people by 2025, from which 90% will be those suffering from diabetes Type 2 – a condition which can be prevented.

The Health Up application is a perfect tool designed to support individuals experiencing hormonal imbalance which is often the stage just before acquiring diabetes Type 2. The design of the application has been planned and developed based on interviews conducted with people experiencing issues with hormones. Thus, appropriate areas such as education, community, and chat have been included based on the current trends and colour schemes appropriate for the health-related mobile phone applications. The Health Up aim is to use technology and connectivity to improve one’s health, save time spent at the doctors, and provide easy access to educational tools. It is designed to help individuals and create a supportive platform accessible to everyone.