Jill Woods

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Fashion Textile Practices MA

With a love of colour and textiles, Jill embarked on her Master's in Fashion Textile Practices desiring to further her interest in the potential of installation art for promoting spirituality whilst exploring different materials and techniques. Over the two years of the degree, Jill has become fascinated with light due to its transience, its ability to shift and change and its physical properties which enable different reflections and refractions. As a medium, light is ephemeral, spiritual and illuminating. Jill has also enjoyed experimenting with dichroic film and mylar to produce a variety of still images from the reflections created. Her final project involved research into the potential of mixed media installation art to promote people’s mental and spiritual well-being led to her final project entitled ‘The Light Shines in the Darkness’. She wanted to create an environment where people could transcend the everyday and feel part of something more eternal. She says, “My work is designed to provide a space for reflection, relaxation and playfulness in an often busy and overwhelming world.” She intends to develop her practice further and hopes to create site-specific installations in the future as well as finding a market for her photographic prints.