Lauren Riley

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Fashion Textile Practices MA

‘Stanage Edge’ is a digitally printed collection of abstract designs influenced by the colours, forms and organic shapes of the same location within the Peak District. The designs were developed through a variety of collage, screen printing and digital design processes and are created for the high-end, luxury interior market. Research into biophilic design and colour psychology are key drivers behind this design practice concentrating on designing for health and wellbeing. The colours have been carefully curated from the original photography of the landscape, focusing on the most harmonious and soothing colours, aiming to evoke a positive emotional response. It has been proven that a connection with nature can boost mood and improve overall happiness; in response to this, the designs have been realised into a range of home accessories where these natural analogues through art & design can be experienced within the home environment. It is relevant more than ever as we are spending more time in our homes.