Maseera Tariq

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Advanced Architectural Design MA

VISION FOR HUDDERSFIELD IN 2049 >> This project proposes a town centre flourishing upon its local heritage just as it once boomed with industrial production in the past. In a world constantly striving on replenishing its resources, Huddersfield starts implementing vertical farming to boost local food production. Hence, the town decides to upgrade its ‘Food and Drink Festival’ into a more ambitious one. A Digital Gastronomy Center is proposed which would help promote a completely personalized food experience, thus making Huddersfield an attraction for the nearby towns. Since the locals and farmers would be fully experienced in producing their food at home, there would be an increased demand for customized food owing to the health-specific diets. The Center would also address the issue of food waste as well by utilizing surplus food as a major ingredient. Electronic recipes would act as open-source commons which could be modified according to specific requirements. The proximity to Queensgate and New Street would make it a viable connection to the Food and Drink Festival. The urban plaza character of the site is maintained by proposing a park-like setting of separate pods at ground level and one single connected production floor at lower ground.