Nicole Austin

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Graphic Design MA

Being surrounded by creative family and raised to be an avid drawer, I have been trying to combine my two favourite subjects – traditional art and graphic design – all my life. This led me to discover rotoscoping which I now specialise in alongside illustrative graphic art using bold colours and hand-drawn elements.  

The work I have submitted shows my progression and development within my master’s degree, including a showreel of small GIFs that were included within my dissertation “An in-depth exploration into the genre of ‘K-Pop’ and its cultural narratives”, and excerpts from my final major project “if you like [insert genre], then you might like [insert K-Pop artist/song]”. The campaign slogan, conceived after researching the lack of diversity in Spotify statistics, was designed to combat issues of xenophobia and racism in music and to encourage my chosen audience to try new things.  The campaign was showcased on TikTok and Instagram.