Phyllis Dadzie

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Fashion Textile Practices MA

Sewing has been a hobby from my teens and being creative in fashion has become my passion over the years. I made progress from sewing to millinery and to bead Jewellery from 2014 when I decided to go into business with my creations. The decision to do an MA in Fashion Textile Practices was to explore what could be added to my business to improve it through the knowledge and experience the course would provide. My main aim for the course was to make known certain aspects of African culture through my work. ‘Symbol motifs in Jewellery design’ was the topic chosen for the Major Project, where, I worked with Adinkra symbols from Ghana in West Africa where I come from. These symbols carry meanings and stories that can globally be related to. Progress of the Major project was halted by Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing from my experience, and exploring other possibilities was the best thing to do to keep the project going. It has been an exciting and yet challenging journey but it is always fulfilling to see the end results of my designs.