Piers Schofield

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Graphic Design MA

My work is focused on the power of art as a narrative for healing, with specific regard to the Holocaust and whilst it has been challenging to look at such horror, it has been inspiring to witness the power of art in the telling of experience. I discovered for myself a respect for life and humanity that was dormant at the beginning of the MA; possibly because I had little respect for myself and felt disconnected from potential because of my disability and all that it will take from me. However, I have been inspired in witnessing the strength of the human spirit and the healing power of art in all its forms.

The significance of art as a narrative of experience cannot be ignored, and is as powerful a medium as any other for capturing and reflecting experience. My painting ‘Blue Israel,’ seeks to be symbolic in that you can stand back to look at the whole and enjoy the interaction of blues and gold, or you can focus on sections and draw meaning from them. There is movement and flow and areas which stand alone, but like all I have experienced it sits together as complete for now.