Master's in Art and Design Showcase

MA Showcase.


Innovative and creative responses to the Covid lockdown were unsurprisingly at the heart of many of our Masters students projects this year. They have responded to this extraordinary year with amazing fortitude, goodwill, and imagination. They have drawn on their creativity to explore rich cultural and critical ideas that have yielded original and rigorous outcomes, not only that but they have showed their ability to change the direction of their thinking, and make the most of a challenging situation which are in themselves great skills to take on to their future careers.

As a cohort they have created unique opportunities to apply their knowledge to a wide-ranging set of concerns – from health and wellbeing, to world building, cultural exchange, re-imagined futures and time travel. Their bespoke projects have been surprising, salutary, comedic and serious in equal measures. We have also seen the creation of beautifully crafted garments, expressive print and textile design, experimental interiors products and advances in pattern cutting.

As a result, they have learnt brand new skills, engaged in deep research, developed innovative briefs, and strengthened their professional knowledge and understanding of the design world. Their work has spanned social media platforms and crossed International borders.

The focus of the work on Radar 2020 platform tackles topics of sustainability, new business development, fashion education, wellbeing and digital graphic and fashion futures. Working across disciplines has enabled this resourceful set of postgraduates to combine the aesthetic with technical and industry with education in a broad range of cutting edge research and we look forward to seeing their influence on the industries of the future.

In recognition of their remarkable achievements, the external examiners praised the students’ for their impressive work, determination, enthusiasm and resilience. We wish all of them – across the globe – the very best for their future careers!