Alice Hill

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Not Sample Size has developed from my Undergraduate degree to continue its mission to provide garments for women that boost their confidence through fit no matter their size or shape. This research project looks in depth into the sizing of a bodysuit and how to improve this, selecting a bra sizing system with additional removeable panels to increase the hip size range lending itself to plus sized women that are not proportional. This has created a new sizing system for the project. Throughout this project ‘User Centred Design’ and ‘Design Thinking’ have been utilised to guarantee that the consumer is constantly referred back to, ensuring that the fit and aesthetics of the garment are at the forefront of the design. Flat and on the stand drafting have been used to create intricate bra and bodice patterns that have been melded together to transform into a full bodysuit with an aesthetic bra cup shape that provides the high level of support a plus sized bra wearer needs. The use of Optitex and Marker PDS has allowed the Lay plan efficiency to be analysed with the help of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator running throughout the portfolio accumulating in the final Technical Package.