Helen Chunxiao Huang

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

I am a specialist of paper cutting and started learning paper cutting and sewing from my aunt when I was only eight years old. I am a resident artist and have rich experiences in sewing practice as well. My paper cutting works were published in a well-known Chinese e-magazine called ZhongMin Feiyi Jianzhi and exhibited at Gallery 2 of Collaborarti at the Pizza Shopping Centre, Huddersfield. My sewing works mainly focus on reducing and repurposing textile waste. I make garments by upcycling textile waste and applying Chinese paper cutting technique to achieve a sustainable fashion design. I am also good at 3D origami, embroidery and making Temari balls with upcycling old T- shirts.
I am studying my MA courses to gain deeper understanding of fashion design. Applying concepts and theories I learnt, I could achieve zero waste design more effectively. I also did a number of practices to find out what kinds of materials are suitable for applying paper cutting.
In the future, I have ambition to run a business focusing on repurposing and reducing textile waste to make garments, crafts, homewares, etc. I will also offer tutorials to those who are interested in pattern cutting and bring the Chinese paper cutting techniques into creative pattern cutting and fashion design.