Joanna Brych

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

During the last years I have focused on creating more sustainable fashion garments and researching in depth about the fashion industry and what effects it has on our environment.
My project named ‘tailor-made or off the shelf’ has been inspired by the traditional way of creating a tailored jacket, all the craftsmanship that goes into producing a single garment. Throughout the research over the past years I have deepen my knowledge about tailoring, in this project I have research further into the traditional craftsmanship. Through practical research I have focused exploring the different techniques of sand stitching that is used in traditional tailoring. To create the tailored garment I have used flat drafting technique to create the pattern pieces to construct the garment. Drafting basic jacket blocks and altering to create the desired silhouette. To form the balloon sleeve, a stand draping technique has been used to create the shape and volume of the sleeve.
Throughout this project the main aim was to produce the most efficient way of producing a tailored jacket. Using the Optitex it allowed me to create the most efficient layout plan for the pattern pieces making a minimal waste during the production process.