Megan Firth

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

My practice began when studying BA Illustration nearly 4 years ago. As my interests evolved to exploring the world of fashion, so did my concern towards the unsustainable practices seen within the industry. This began translating through my work as my illustrations explored this concept and developed further as I began using my skills to communicate aspects of the fashion world in a promotional sense, leading me to the MA Fashion Communication and Promotions course.

After researching the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry and the multitude of different approaches brands can incorporate into their business model to promote a more ethical way of consuming fashion, I came across a range of sustainable fashion brands, yet boasted little to no promotions of these values. This led me to discovering The Clothes Hanger; a local, independently-owned business based in Horbury, West Yorkshire selling pre-loved designer items for a fraction of the retail price. This project explores the re-branding, website design and development of social media campaigns to improve their online positioning, increase engagement with the consumer base and encourage future success for the brand moving forward.