Sofie Manners

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

“Don’t Hold Back. Be Bold. It encourages others to do the same” (Nars, 2020). My career as a makeup artist began working for makeup brand Nars. Here I discovered the synergy between the makeup and fashion industry, both influencing innovative trends across both environments. I have seen the makeup industry change and evolve, It is this experience that inspired my final major project. Initially the idea was to create a refill concept store housing multiple brands, this developed into the creation of my own makeup brand VAMPED. The name derives from the idea of refilling, refurbishing or revamping your makeup products. The project showcases the launch of a summer collection inspired by the predicted Pantone colour of the year 2023 Digital Lavender. The focus is on creating a sustainable and eco friendly makeup brand which is inclusive. Enhancing skill using Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to create a brand handbook , logo and magazine has been a focus throughout the MA. Web design and development to launch the brand and the organisation and production of a photoshoot has encouraged time management and promotional skills.