Aswanth Surendran

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

The portfolio is about the whole branding for a restaurant that I created. Through its branding, My Restaurant expresses its uniqueness and personality. As a result, in line with the branding for my restaurant, which will feature a variety of craft identities. When customers enter the restaurant, they will immediately recognize my branding since it is consistent with how I provide service. My Food Diary establishes an idea as a start-up restaurant at the location I choose, which is in Huddersfield, United Kingdom, next to the Kingsgate. As my portfolio is the branding for the restaurant, it includes all the sort of craft identities such as Logo, Business Cards, Brochure, Leaflets, Posters, Hoardings and Digital Hoardings etc and other creatives like Promo video which has been included along with portfolio. Another point of view is the User Interface which I have been created for this. As the target audience is middle class people, it displays the low expense for the dishes which they can afford easily. In future, once this new restaurant gets succeeds, it will expand globally and produce an increasing number of craft identities necessitating the creation of global design agencies.