Christine Gale

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

My portfolio demonstrates graphic design MA (Hons) knowledge and research development of beauty within social media, in particular, Instagram as this app was the most popular when I surveyed 28 students at The University of Huddersfield. My aim is to unpick the culture of 18–25-year-olds. Learn insights into their mental health and well-being and create an awareness campaign with a positive outcome. Resulting in what the beauty industry could learn and how can they help. For example, in the way they deliver consumer touchpoints, like their brand's tone of voice through advertising and packaging. Also, by developing a conscientious approach, how can graphic designers help? This module has taught me the process of applying various research methods to my design work. Taking the time to create a production schedule as a tool to apply deadlines to each task, helped me to focus on achieving outcomes. To be a manager of a small team this is a vital tool and skill set. With the tagline ‘Be beyond comparison’ for the campaign, I am trying to get the message across to rise above comparing ourselves. As well as being a positive statement that will potentially make people feel better about themselves.