Courtney Wade

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

Seeds of Doubt:A Response to the Patriarchal Idea of the Female Form
Through the lens of photography, Seeds of Doubt: A Response to the Patriarchal Idea of the Female Form, surveys the intricate tapestry of Western beauty standards, delving into the different ways these expectations harm women. This project facilitates an intimate and emotive venture into the narratives of a select group of women, which collectively serves as an emblematic representation of a broader and shared concern amongst women in the 21st century. With a focus on the profound impact these norms have on women, specifically centred on the experiences of my friends and family, Iā€™m attempting to unveil the deeply personal stories that unfold beneath the surface of societal expectations.
My own battle with body image, which developed into an eating disorder, spanning a significant portion of my life since the age of 14, has driven this mission. Motivated by personal reflection and amalgamating photography with writings authored by me and my subjects, my objective is to draw awareness to the detrimental implications of prevalent and stringent body norms, with the aspiration that future women, teens and young girls are spared the same torment that has pervaded from my adolescent years through to adulthood.