Jodie Morley

Master's in Art and Design Showcase

My project is titled ‘Every Shade of Beauty: Challenging Exclusion in the Beauty Industry for Women of Colour’. It aims to challenge the exclusion of people of colour (POC), within the beauty industry, specifically focusing on women. To do this I will create images that positively promote inclusivity and representation, by featuring a range of diverse models in beauty campaign images. Throughout this project, I want to empower my target audience who are women of colour (WOC), as they are commonly excluded from beauty standards portrayed in beauty campaigns. The objectives of this project are to create images in a beauty campaign style to display the beauty of WOC whilst collaborating with beauty brands who share the projects values. Through the project I will be using both, quantitative and qualitative research methods. I will be using quantitative research to analyse representation within the industry while using qualitative research to deconstruct beauty imagery and analyse different racial portrayals with the association of stereotypes. I do hope this project helps to shape narratives in the beauty industry, through encouraging brands to embrace campaigns that genuinely celebrate diversity. In conclusion, through focusing on the underrepresentation of women of colour in beauty campaigns, through photography, this project aims to contribute to a more inclusive beauty industry where racial diversity is celebrated, and stereotypes are broken.